Tony Reed to open Epic Games Australia and New Zealand

In what is exciting news for the Aussie and Kiwi Vide Game Industry, Tony Reed has announced he is stepping down as CEO of the Game Developers Association of Australia to open up an Australia and New Zealand Office for Epic Games.

Tony made the announcement while closing the Game Connect Asia Pacific conference. In announcing he was stepping down as CEO, Tony stated:

“Every year at GCAP I take a moment to reflect… This year takes me all the way back to 2009, before I took over the GDAA and I took over GCAP. I said at the time – and I believed this at the time – that I would stay for a maximum of ten years. I believed strongly at the time that every association, every industry body, should have a change of ownership – fresh eyes, and fresh ideas, and new approaches. And the thing is, I was right. So a few weeks ago, I resigned as the chief executive of the GDAA, and this will be my last GCAP as your host.”

At this stage no further details have been provided about the nature of the Epic Games office for Australia and New Zealand. Tony did state that soon “there’s going to be a lot of news” about the plans that Epic Games have for Australia and New Zealand. If current regional trends continue then it is likely that the primary focus for the developers of the ever popular Fortnite will focus there attention on the Australian market more than the Kiwi one.

When gaming brands announce these “Australia and New Zealand” offices, they tend to always have a base in Australia rather than a physical presence in New Zealand. Whether that continues with Epic Games remains to be seen but our bet would be on New Zealand being served via the Aussie offices rather than boots on the ground support for New Zealand. Either way it is exciting news that the Video Game developer darlings are set to open up down these parts of the world.

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