Top 5 Features of the Gear S3 frontier

If you’ve been following the Round the Bays posts you’ll know I crashed and burned. Not literally of course but while training I managed to hurt my knee which kept my on the couch and away from pounding the pavement. The flip side is I’ve obviously kept using the Samsung Gear S3 frontier smartwatch and absolutely love it. A full review is coming but there are some great features on hand that I thought I’d share.

1. The Display
The 360×360 1.3 inch Super AMOLED display will show 13 million colours. It is big, bright and bold and the star of the show on the Gear S3 frontier. Watch faces pop off the screen and apps shine with colour. This is the best screen of any smartwatch.

2. The Rotating Bezel
The rotating bezel isnt a new feature to Samsung smartwatches but it is one of the best innovations to come to a smartwatch. Yeah yhe Gear S3 frontier has a touchscreen but the rotating bezel makes it easier to navigate around without having to smear the screen with fingerprints. Sure some actions still require a tap on the screen but for yhe most part just swivel the bezel and you’re on your way to finding and selecting almost everything you need.

3. Taking calls on the wrist
Again this isnt a new feature and is becoming more common on wearables but it remains a fantastic feature. When paired to your phone and assuming you’re near it, if you receive a call the watch will vibrate and show you who is calling. With the push of a button you can take the call on your wrist without picking up your phone. The speaker on the Gear S3 frontier has decent volume which is great for driving. In fact driving is when this features comes in most handy and is one of the features I use the most when doing the commute home from Auckland.

4. Built-in storage
The Gear S3 frontier has 4GB of built-in storage. The best use of that storage is downloading music or downloading a spotify playlist for offline use. You’ll get enough music downloaded to be able to throw in your bluetooth headphones and go do a workout or run without needing to take your phone with you.

5. Fitness and Health
Yeah almost every wearable has this feature but Samsung have excellent heqlth and fitness tracking built-in. The GPS tracker is fantastic for tracking your runs and giving you good information on distance travelled, average speed and the like. The built-in heart rate monitor will take readings automatically during the day so you can get a good idea of heart health. And the exercise functionality caters for everything from walking, to using exercise machines, even to doing Yoga and just about everything in between. Your steps will be tracked, your calories burnt will be tracked and the watch is comfortable enough to wear while sleeping so that you can see how well youce slept. There are some compromises but all key data you need to monitor your health and fitness is but a tap away on your wrist.

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