Vodafone have Released their 2017 Budget Smartphone Range

More Kiwis will be able to talk, text and surf up a storm with the launch of Vodafone’s 2017 range of high spec, affordable smart phones.

Featuring the latest Android Nougat operating system, the Vodafone Smart E8, Vodafone Smart N8 and Vodafone Smart V8 phones are tuned to work optimally with NZ’s leading mobile network – offering customers more speed and reliability.

Vodafone Consumer Director Matt Williams said, “Over 700,000 Vodafone smartphones have already been sold in New Zealand, which goes to show how well they work for people who just want to own a great smart phone that offers great value.”

The Vodafone Smart V8 has already won a 2017 World iF Design Award for its premium look and feel, underpinned by an elegant and durable full-metal casing. The combination of the Vodafone Smart V8’s powerful processor and NZ’s leading mobile network means that the Vodafone Smart V8 can stream media at speeds of up to 300 megabits per second (Mbps) over Vodafone’s 4G network*.

The Vodafone Smart V8 also has top of the range features like a fingerprint sensor, 5.5” Full HD screen with reinforced 2.5D Dragontrail glass, high spec 16 megapixel (MP) rear and 8MP front camera with dual flash and 3000 milliamp hour battery.

“The Vodafone Smart V8 promises to be one of the best smartphones released this year for people who want a great smartphone for using lots of data, but have a constrained budget. We believe this is the best value smart phone in New Zealand for under $400,” Matt said.

The Vodafone Smart N8 also won a 2017 World iF Design Award and is an ideal device for young adults or anyone in a family. The inclusion of a fingerprint sensor provides increased security and is also integrated with enhanced parental controls on the device.

The Vodafone Smart N8 is also great for those wanting to watch videos on the go, with a 5” screen, 16GB of available storage and great battery power.

The Vodafone Smart E8 is designed for prepaid customers and provides excellent value for money, particularly for those who have previously used 3G devices.

The Vodafone Smart E8 is a reliable device that provides a worry free experience and 8GB of available storage for photos.

The Vodafone Smart V8, Vodafone Smart N8 and Vodafone Smart E8 will be available from Vodafone New Zealand right now.

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