Want a 4k Bluray Player? Wait for the Xbox One S

4k TV’s have been out for a while now but options for consuming 4k content have been limited. When looking at upgrading TV’s there has been little reason to transition from a Full HD panel up to a 4k capable TV, apart from those people wanting to future proof themselves. Finally we are starting to see 4k Bluray players make their way to New Zealand with Panasonic about to by the first cab off the rank with their DMP-UB900 4k Bluray player due out within weeks.

The price for Panasonic’s 4k Bluray player is going to be an eye-watering $1,199 which is still going to make it a tough sell to anyone other than early adopters. That being said, in a matter of months there is about to be a much more compelling way to get into 4k bluray and it comes via the recently announced Xbox One S.

As soon as the Xbox One S was announced I was excited by it. Not for its gaming capabilities because let’s face it, it is pretty much just a smaller Xbox One, but rather it was the built in 4k bluray player that excited me. I’m not saying that anyone with an Xbox One should go out and sell it to get themselves an Xbox One S but if you have a 4k TV and want to watch 4k movies then the Xbox One S makes a lot of sense. Even for those who aren’t into gaming the Xbox One S is well worth considering for it’s ability to play 4k bluray.

Xbox One S will come out in three varieties, 2TB, 1TB and 500GB. So far we only have firm release information on the 2TB version which is going to be sold in New Zealand for $648 and will be available from mid-August. The 1TB and 500GB version will no doubt be cheaper but will likely release a month or two after the 2TB version.

Based on cost alone that makes the Xbox One S considerably cheaper than a standalone 4k bluray player. Based on functionality the Xbox One S is easily the best option to join the 4k revolution. A standalone bluray player will come with apps like Netflix and YouTube that can stream 4k content but anyone with a 4k smart TV can basically do that already, plus the Xbox One S has those same apps so you aren’t losing out on anything. Throw in the ability to play games on the Xbox One S and the fact that the console will upscale Xbox One games to 4k resolution and you now have a very compelling reason to go out and buy it.

Sure the Xbox One S can’t compete with Project Scorpio but it’s not trying to. At face value there doesn’t seem like a reason to “upgrade” to the Xbox One S and there will be those who will just go out and buy the original Xbox One when the price drops. I’d agree that those people are right to an extent, if (and that’s a big IF) the people buying the console don’t have a 4k TV and aren’t looking at buying one in the near future. However, anyone with a 4k TV or thinking about buying one should give the Xbox One S some serious consideration. 4K bluray is finally hitting our shores in New Zealand and Xbox One S is easily the best value for money multimedia/4k bluray player that will be available on the market.

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  1. Jhoopes517 says

    Only reason I’m excited for it also. Gonna sell my original and use that money for it cause no reason to have 2 xbones but yeah, only getting it for the UHD player. Can’t wait!

    1. Ben Carmichael says

      Yep I’ll be selling my Xbox One to get the S version due to the 4k bluray player

  2. Dr.Ghettoblaster says

    Well, I don’t have a 4K TV, but I’ve been wanting an XB1 for sometime. Just been waiting as funds and space are tight. What i like most about this unit is it’s not so freakin huge. I don’t know if “40%” smaller is accurate given the misleading diagram Microsoft released and the actual units on top of each other comparison pics available, but smaller indeed nontheless. I’ll be looking for black friday specials this year to finally add this to my PS4 and WiiU home 🙂

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