What’s New to Neon – April

April is coming and we all know what that means. Game of Thrones is gonna be back on our screens!

Of course that means the final battle for Westeros will be on Neon. Every episode in the final season will be coming to Neon “Express from the US”. That means each episode will be available on the same day that it screens on HBO.

Now before all the “fans” get up in arms about it not being available straight after it has screened live, remember one thing. There is more to getting an episode live on a streaming service than just pushing a button. The episode will only be made available to upload after a certain time and then the geeks behind the scenes have to upload it to the platform, do quality control and make sure that everything is working so that you all don’t complain about the episode not playing properly when you want to watch it. In years gone by each episode is generally available after about 7:30pm at night which is pretty much perfect for sitting down after dinner when the kids are in bed to watch it all play out.

In any case aside from Game of Thrones there is plenty more coming to Neon in April. Here is the full list:

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