CLOSED – Win a Copy of No Man's Sky on PS4

Congratulations to Dhayana who is the winner of our No Man’s Sky comp! Also thanks to everyone who entered

This week from Wednesday 10 August, Your Universe Awaits in No Man’s Sky on PS4.

Forge your own path through a living, breathing universe on an unprecedented scale and discover new worlds from a possible 18 quintillion unique planets. Uncover new species, gather precious resources and forever make your mark on the galactic map.

Thanks to PlayStation New Zealand we are giving away one copy of the game and a cap.

If you live in New Zealand then entry is dead easy, just leave a comment telling us what most excites you about No Man’s Sky?

If you live outside of New Zealand then I’m sorry but we can’t give you a prize.

No Man's Sky Prize Pack

Terms & Conditions

  • Competition is open to people with a New Zealand delivery address only
  • Competition will close on Friday 12 August 2016 at 7:00pm NZT with the winner announced on the website
  • One entry per person only
  • A valid entry consists of the entrant posting a comment and answering the question, what most excites you about No Man’s Sky?
  • Prize consists of 1 x Promotional physical copy of No Man’s Sky on PS4 and 1 x No Man’s Sky Cap
  • Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash
  • Contact with the winner will be made by email. If the winner does not reply within 24 hours, a redraw will take place.
  • The decision of ThoseGamers is final

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  1. Matt says

    Exploring! For a platinum trophy!

  2. Erin Wright says

    Well the idea of travelling to many planets, exploring them fully and knowing that no two will be the same is a huge plus for me.

  3. Cameron says

    To name every planet I visit Bob

  4. Matty says

    Space. The final frontier. I want to boldly go where no one has gone before!

  5. Matt says

    Keen for the ongoing support they seem to be intending, that day one patch is neat!

  6. Gerard says

    Trying to reach the middle of the No Man’s Sky universe – and knowing that I’ll never achieve it (or will I?)

  7. Dhayana says

    The endless exploration, have naming rights and of course the knowledge of how one change can effect the entire No Man’s Sky universe seeing that it has its own periodic table of elements. Can’t wait for a chance to play this fantastic game.

  8. Simon says

    Exploration, then comparing my experiences with my friends. Should be epic…

  9. Tom says

    Reaching the centre of the universe in record time.

  10. Stefan Hunter says

    Probably the exploration bit. By far, I can’t wait to fly around the whole galaxy in a spaceship.

  11. Hayden says

    To explore an ever expanding universe, to thrive in a galaxy with millions of other players who I will probably never see, to be part of the living breathing simulation that is No Mans Sky.

  12. Jack says

    Exploring a type of game that has never been attempted before. Something fresh, exciting, and new!

  13. Todd (Rumpletoddskin) Cross says

    I have really no idea what this game is about, but am sure if I was to win the game, I would find out.

  14. Paul says

    Looking forward to unrestricted freedom to go anywhere!

  15. Tom says

    To reach the centre in record time

  16. Diana says

    To explore the unknown and go where no man has gone before (plus naming rights is super cool. Can’t wait to name some planets).

  17. Amstrad_Vs_Atari says

    As a amateur streamer, and gaming veteran. Few games are mentionable when it comes to milestones. Doom, Rune Scape, Ff7, GTA, some games achieve things others couldn’t imagine.
    18 quintillion planets….
    Planet sized planets….
    Unique forna and animal life on each one…

    This game is a gaming milestone that takes exploration and presedual generation to the next level.

    Unfortunately… Due to university commitments and cost, I won’t be able to afford it.

    Ob1kenobi your my only hope…

    Please let this gamer experience this milestone… Please…

  18. Phoebe says

    I’m most excited for all the new animals this game will introduce and the or habitats.

  19. Bronson Bradley says

    What is most exciting? Flying from deep space right down through orbit and landing on the planets surface, without load times!!! Going to be an emotional experience I’m sure! (Possibly have the Tron soundtrack or something similar pumping in the background just to really get in the zone)

  20. Lance says

    Exploration! Nomenclature! Exploding things!

  21. Sash says

    Discovering planets and naming them is pretty exciting.

  22. Baden Hollier says

    I Honestly just can’t wait to form up a team of 5 and just travel across the galaxy together making a name for ourselves within the universe

  23. Anthony Mitchell says

    I’m excited to name my first planet and then keep moving. I can’t wait!

  24. Kirsten B says

    The unknown! I have no idea what I’m going to find or see and that’s what I’m looking forward to the most.

  25. Brandon Dawson says

    Very excited to see how well they have made their procgen.

  26. Yosef says

    Playing with friends doing whatever

  27. David Clegg says

    It’ll distract me from my Uncharted 4 Crushing playthrough, which is a wee bit harder than previous installments. 🙂

  28. Jackson says

    I’m most excited about the exploring, I love exploring it’s awesome and with 18 quintillion randomly generated planets for me to explore where can I go wrong

  29. Alistair says

    Losing myself in what may as well be an infinite world! The thrill of survival and the excitement of discovery 🙂

  30. Mani says

    I’m extremely excited to go exploring while listening to the wicked No Man’s Sky soundtrack. It sounds so soothing. It’ll make exploring the vast number of planets so much more exciting.

  31. Stefan noa says

    Exploration can’t wait for this game looks fricken awesome.

  32. Hon Hee says

    The Exploration! It should be sick.

  33. LoganGoat says

    Exploring and discovering my own planet, discovering a new species of animals, plants and other living things.
    And surviving in the vast world filled with loads of funs things to do!

  34. Alexander says

    Procedurally generated EVERYTHING!!!!

  35. Jacques says

    Space battles, and finding something new that no one has ever seen

  36. Aidan Scott-Nanthasack says

    I think what most excites me about this game is the sheer enormity of the game and how huge the universes are. How fun it will be to explore. It’s really something.

  37. Justis Mendoza says

    Everything!! I’ve been so hyped about this game for so long and the amount of possibilites is endless! Never seen a game like this before so I’d love to try it put because I’m a massive fan of sporting games but this took my intrest instanstly

  38. Ollie Parton says

    Exploring the infinite universe is going to be amazing

  39. Mana Tonuu says

    Exploring the Universe that the devs have created.

  40. Robert MacDoanld says

    Take offs and landings looks so fun!!

  41. Jarrod says

    Exploring the galaxy like Captian Kirk and the Starship Enterprise

  42. Sena says

    I can’t wait to discover new planets and creatures. I love the idea of such vastness to the Universe.

  43. ELISHA William says

    Definitely looking forward to the combat being able to fight on the ground and also in the sky sounds epic and also can’t forget exploring the vast universe of No Man Sky.

  44. John says

    Just super excited to finally be making use of my new PS4. Been an Xbox guy for years but the lure of Sony’s E3 conference and No Man’s Sky was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m now loving my PS4 and can’t wait to play NMS!

  45. Dylan Hasher says

    Excited to be able to explore the game’s universe

  46. Theo Martin says

    Super keen to meet other players in game, despite the off chance and potential server instancing restrictions! It’d be my ultimate goal :3 even if it was just a random player I’d never met. Would write my gamer tag on the world or something and convince them to get in touch!

  47. T says

    What excites me most? Actually finally getting to play it after all this time 🙂 simple really.

  48. Pazuzu says

    Naming the planets silly things!

  49. Ross says

    Naming the planets

  50. Kasper Griffith says

    I just cant wait to just get in my spaceship for the first time and feel like an astronaut just exploring through space. Seeing new planets, exploring the galaxy. It will feel like watching Star Wars for the first time again.

  51. Chris says

    I’m pretty keen on the discovery element – freedom to move around and find new things. And I’ll be naming the first planet I find “Evie” after my daughter.

  52. Grant says

    Being able to discover and name my own planets!

  53. Ethan Toma says

    To go places no man has ever gone and search ever corner of the galaxy for new life! Create and explore! The journey would be one of a lifetime!

  54. Victoria says

    I work at a games company – and all the guys are playing it! I would love to see what the hype is about! So far I have been very intrigued by the embedded story, and how they have generated so many worlds to explore – what makes them different? How subtle is it? It looks so beautiful!

  55. Terry Kirk says

    Just the exploration side of the game and finding some of strangest creatures you will ever see

  56. Mary says

    Naming the creatures!

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