CLOSED – Win Some Cool Prizes for Your Dad this Father's Day!

To help find a killer gift for Dad’s this Fathers Day we have put together a Father’s Day Gaming & Tech Gift Guide. To celebrate Father’s Day we have reached out to some of our awesome contacts and have secured some awesome prizes to giveaway to the Dad’s out there. Whether your entering for your Dad or you are a Dad yourself, enter and be in to win one of these awesome prizes!

All you have to do to enter is tell us why your Dad is awesome or why you are an awesome Dad. Also tell us your ranking of prizes so we can get you something if another prize is gone.

Winners will be drawn at 8pm on 6 September (Father’s Day). This competition is now closed.

This Father’s Day we have the following prizes to give away:

  • 3  x Physical Copies of God of War 3 Remastered on PS4 thanks to PlayStation New Zealand won by Danielle, Hardworking Mum and Paul
  • 1 x Digital Code for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Xbox One thanks to Xbox New Zealand won by Zak
  • 1 x Fitbit Charge HR thanks to Fitbit won by Tracey
  • 1 x Physical Copy of Moto Gp 15 on Xbox One thanks to GDE Distribution won by Erin
  • 1 x Physical Copy of F1 2015 on PS4 thanks to Bandai Namco won by Daniel G
  • 1 x Physical Copy of F1 2015 on Xbox One thanks to Bandai Namco won by Matty B
  • 3 x Physical Copies of J Stars Vs+ on PS4 thanks to Bandai Namco won by Amanda, James and Hayley
  • 2 x Physical Copies of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 thanks to Bandai Namco won by Steve and Newsboy

We are trying to piece together a couple more pirzes too and will update if we get extras!

Terms and Conditions

1. Entry is only open to people with a Valid New Zealand or Australian delivery address.

2. A valid entry consists of answering the question above and can come from Twitter, Facebook or Comment on the Webpage.

3. Winner will be drawn at 8pm on Father’s Day 6 September 2015

4. If winner’s first preference is gone, prize will revert to their next preference and so on until they win a prize. If the winner has not ranked prizes and their preference is gone a redraw will take place.

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  1. Danielle Stapleton says

    I am nominating the Dad in our house. His name is Nathan and he really deserves something special this year. He is Step-Dad to my three children Leila, Jack and Pearl. He has been an amazing strength and help to them as I’ve been really sick. He takes them to all their sports and practices and shows them how much he loves their Mum by caring for her too. He also loves his PS4! It’s his downtime and his escape from our sometimes mad house!
    Preferences would be the PS4 games, then the Fit Bit, then the Xbox games after that. ?

    1. Ben Carmichael says

      Nathan sounds like a top bloke Danielle! Fingers crossed he’s one of the lucky winners come Fathers Day.

  2. Darren says

    I nominate my dad for the fitbit charge. That way, he can stay a bit fitter and I can get to spend more time with him!

  3. James says

    I’m so proud of my young kids when they pass a level (usually Lego games) on our Xbox – wife is probably the exact inverse and thinks we’re all stupid, but I love playing games with my kids!

    Ranking for me – Fitbit, then any Xbox one game, then ps4 ones

    1. Ben Carmichael says

      Lego Games are fantastic to play with the kids! Disney Infinity 3.0 is going to be great for that too! Good luck!

  4. Paul says

    My wife says I am an awesome dad and as you know “Happy Wife, Happy Life” so her approval is all I need!

    Would love the fitbit (started eating better a couple of months ago and have dropped 12kg so far, now it’s time to kick it up a notch with some exercise!) or a copy of God of War 😀

  5. Erin W says

    I’d like to nominate my partner John he’s been a great dad to our beautiful little girl (must be pretty good as she’s well and truly a daddys girl) and is also a good dad to his other children and stepchildren (we’ve 9 between us but only 2 (soon 3) at home). He likes to play games with them when he can whether it be one of the many Lego titles we have or a bit of competitve fun with some racing titles. Otherwise it’s Star Wars Chess, Snakes and Ladders, Mouse Trap or some Hairy McClary or just laxing out watching the latest family/kids movies. If we/he won he’d prefer GoW UE, F1 or Moto GP…otherwise I’d get home out excercising with the fitbit lol. Either way Fathers Day is a way for us to give back to the men and fathers in our lives so here’s hoping for a great day for all the great dads out there.

  6. Hardworking Mum says

    You know what? I would never normally do this, but fuck it. I’m going to nominate MYSELF for being both Mum AND Dad. I have 3 kids who I’m raising on my own after a split with their father, and I’m damn proud to play both roles. It’s not easy, and it’s one hell of a sacrifice in so many areas, but my babies deserve unconditional love and someone who is around 24/7 so i make sure they have it. I’ve learned to kick a rugby and soccer ball around quite well and I play Minecraft, COD and Battlefield with my boys. I also fix everything around the house and am learning to fix my car on my own. And I also mow my own lawns. All this I probably wouldn’t have learned if I hadn’t been forced to be Dad as well as Mum, and I have no regrets. I nominate ME on behalf of all solo Mums out there.
    I’d love the Fitbit, second would be God Of War. Cheers!

    1. Ben Carmichael says

      Good on you for entering! Sounds like you’re doing a great job 🙂

    2. Newsboy says

      You’re awesome. I hope you win something 🙂

      1. Hardworking Mum says

        Thank you guys SO much!!! Absolutely stoked to have won the game. Bless.

  7. Zak L. says

    I’m going to nominate myself. I’m going to become a dad for the first time in just 12 more weeks, and I’m looking forward to it more every day. I can’t claim to be Dad of the Year since it hasn’t happened yet, and I reckon this’ll put my chances of winning right down there, but that’s okay. I’m looking forward to learning all about my new daughter when she comes into the world, and hope to share my passion for video games with her as she grows.

    First pick – Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
    Second pick – J Stars Vs +

  8. Steve S says

    After a long time waiting, I’m finally due to be a father early next year. Though not technically a father yet, a lot of effort and time is going into keeping our pre-born baby girl happy. She’s so spoilt already, I’m not sure I want to think about what it will be like when she’s able to cuddle me and wrap me around little fingers!

    God of War, One Piece, FitBit, J Stars

  9. Matty B says

    I nominate my brother Lee. Young dad with 3 challenging but adorable boys. He deserves a bit of luck in his life.

  10. Daniel G says

    I’m already blessed to have the opportunity to be the best Father I can be for my now 3yo boy. Besides romping around the house and playing a little soccer at the park, and then romping again with all the kids at playgroup, I love seeing how he has learnt the different ways to learnt to game and the huge smile on his face as he does it. From using a trackpad or mouse to shaking his raving rabid on the wii. A fitbit with HR tracking would be great help in tracking our fitness activities together. We lack a ps4 or xbox, but I’m sure he’d be ready to play moto gp or f1 with me in the near future, and a game would encourage my gf to purchase one.

  11. Hayley Steele says

    I nominate my husband Dan, who is a great father to out 2 year old boy 🙂 From The early morning wake ups when I am at work (even after he has finished a late shift himself) to wandering around the farm showing him all the animals, plus loads in between.

  12. Tracey H says

    I nominate Bryan Hodder! Daddy to our 20mth old munchkin. I love our family to bits and Bryan is a wonderful father and husband. First choice would be a Fitbit, followed by gears of war. Fingers crossed

  13. Gav Bainbridge says

    I would like to nominate myself as a great father. Having a 3 year old boy and 3 month girl, I know that managing time between wife and children and also keep up with my gaming is a real challenge. I actually enjoy doing late night feeds and letting my other half get some sleep.

    In order of preference:
    Fitbit Charge HR
    F1 2015 on PS4
    God of War 3 Remastered on PS4

  14. Newsboy says

    I’d like to nominate my amazing dad. Worked 3 jobs to ensure our family was looked after, and as I slowly become more and more like him I realise how awesome that must now make me.

    Oder of prizes would be:
    One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3
    God of War 3 Remastered
    F1 2015

  15. Amanda says

    I would love to nomanite my husband who has spent all weekend including today father’s day watching our boys while I’ve been in hospital extremely sick if it wasn’t for him and the lovely staff here I would be no near better like I am feeling today. Would love something for his ps4 obsession possibly god of war 3 copy

  16. Cheyenne says

    I would like to nominate my amazing father for any of the xbox 1 prizes. He has been an amazing dad to me and my 5 younger siblings and also my older sister whos father has never had anything to do with her. Hes always putting us before himself and never treating himself. Today is fathers day and my youngest sister(1 year old) had an ambulance rung on her because she ran into the door and cut her head open. I dont live close to him so wasnt able to see him today so would be so greatful if you guys picked him. So crossing my fingers and hoping he gets a chance to win!

  17. Peter says

    I would like to nominate my father inlaw for bringing my amazing girlfriend into this world. She talks about how much she loves and misses him all the time and he is so caring and loving towards her along with his other 8 children. My girlfriend wasnt able to see him today as we struggle in the whole money situation so shes quite upset. He would really appreciate any of the XBOX 1 prizes! Please pick him i cant think of anyone who deserves it more then he does

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