Xbox One X is Available Now so Where is our Review?

Today’s the day as “the world’s most powerful console” as Microsoft put it has been released in New Zealand and very shortly across the rest of the world as they play catch up to our timezone.

As far as the “launch” goes, it would be a bit of an understatement to say that the New Zealand launch has been low-key. Thinking back to the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft put on a big midnight launch event at the Auckland Viaduct yet this time around there was no Xbox stand at Armageddon (although the Xbox One X was on other stands like Samsung’s), there was no launch party only a Mighty Ape launch competition. It’s perhaps a sign that New Zealand isn’t as big of a priority but nevertheless the console was still available here in New Zealand before anywhere else in the world and you can buy yourself one right now.

Xbox One X is the jewel in the Xbox crown, a powerful beast of a machine that runs on the 4K capable Scorpio engine delivering a touch over 6 teraflops of power. The Xbox One X is capable of playing games in 4K and HDR (for games that have been Xbox One Enhanced) for those that has a 4K TV but for those with a Full HD TV the power won’t be lost on you with the console making use of supersampling to deliver richer environments downsampled from 4K to 1080p.

We were lucky enough to get an Xbox One X review console just under a week ago and have been having an absolute blast with it since them. This begs the question, why the hell haven’t you posted your review when there are other sites that managed to get their “A into G” and post reviews? Well that is a very good question and one that I’ll address right here right now.

Yes there has been a lot of time spent in game with the Xbox One X. Yes I have been playing Xbox One Enhanced games and yes I have a fair idea of my overall thoughts on the machine but dear readers, I need a bit more time. I’ve got a Samsung 6500 55 Inche Curved UHD TV that has been showing off those wonderful 4K HDR games but there were a couple of very important games, Shadow of War to name one in particular, that didn’t receive the Enhancement until launch day so rather than be hasty, I have decided to take another day or two to test the few extra titles that are just getting their patches in order to put together a much more complete review that can cover a larger range of games. It’s important to note that note every enhancement is exactly the same, some games have been enhanced to 4K and HDR, some just to 4K without HDR and some it takes a bit more digging to figure out what has actually been enhanced.

I’m also not going to do a “review in progress” because they just seem more like clickbait that tease you with information in order to have you keep coming back to find out what new information has been added to the review then by the time the review is completed you’ve lost interest and can’t be arsed re-reading the “review” to find out the final thoughts.

What I will tell you though is that the enhancement updates can be susbstantial in size, we’re talking in the 10’s of Gigabytes. It can also be difficult to tell what game has been enhanced so the easiest way to find out is to go into My Games & Apps and sort the list by Xbox One Enhanced.

I’ll also give you a tidbit on the games I’ve most enjoyed so far, they are Assassins Creed Origins which jumps off the screen with its bright, vibrant 4K representation of Ancient Egypt. Forza 7 was gorgeous before the enhancement but in 4K with HDR the detail is phenomenal and takes the racing action to a whole new level. Call of Duty WW2 is also very impressive with HDR bringing out the best in a game that depicts the world’s most deadliest war. That’s it I’m only giving you three titles there and more will be shared in the review.

For now sit tight because in the next day or two you’ll have the full review, until then start playing the Xbox One X for yourself so that when you read the review you can comment on your experience with the console.

Xbox One X is available now at major retailers for $749NZD.

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