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OPPO Partners up with Noel Leeming

It's only been 5 months since OPPO entered the New Zealand but that hasn't stopped them making massive strides with their fantastic camera/smartphones. Today OPPO have announced a brand new partnership with Noel Leeming that has OPPO phones…

The Long Dark Review

Pre-game disclaimers are some of my favourite things in gaming; they’re always hilarious. Whether it’s Assassin’s Creed covering itself from allegations of racism, or even just warning of fictional use of names, I love them. The Long Dark…

Prey Trial Comes to PC and Console

Console gamers have had the benefit of a demo but up until now PC gamers have just had to reach into their pockets and buy the game but as of today, Prey is available as a free trial on PC. Those with an Xbox One or PS4 will no longer have…